Determinants of personality


people are very complex.They have different abilities and interests.Personality is an important factor influencing an employee’s behaviour.The personality is influenced by the following factors:

1.Cultural factors

2.Family factors

3.Situational factors

4.Biological factors

1.1 Cultural factors

i) External appearance and behavior or so. www.mulus value,
ii) Inner awareness of self as a permanent organizing forces.
iii) The particular pattern or organization of measurable traits both
According to Maddi, “Personality is a set of characteristics and
tendencies that determine these commodities and differences in the wa
behavior (thought, feelings and actions) of people that have continuity
inner and other.”
in time and that may not be easily understood as the sole result of the
social and biological pressure of the movement.”
Q.3. What do you mean by Personality determinant.
Ans. Determinants of Personality:
People are very complex. They are different abilities and interests.
Personality is an important factor influencing an employee’s behavior.
The personality is influenced by the following factors:
a) Cultural Factors
b) Family and Social Factors
c) Situational Factors
d) Biological Factors
e) Other Factors.
a) Cultural Factors: Culture largely determines what a person is
and what a person will learn. It is very important determinant of
behaviour of a person. Culture is the complex of these beliefs,
values and techniques for dealing with the environment which are
shared among contemporaries and transmitted by one generation
to the next.
b) Family and Social Factors: Family and Social factors are
important in shaping personality of an individual. The impact of
these factors on personality can be understood by socialization
process and identification process.
i) Socialization Process: The contribution of family and social
group in combination with the culture is knows as socialization.

Nobel Series 11
ii) Identification Process: Identification starts when a person
begins to identify himself with some other members of the
c) Situational Factors: An individuals personality may change in
different situations. The demands of different situations may call
for different aspects of one’s personality. Situational factors also
play a very important role in determining the personality of a person.
MIG RAM’S research study indicates very powerful role the
situation may play in human personality.
d) Biological Factors: Biological factors play a greater role in
determining the personality of a person. These can be explained in
following heads:
i) Physical Feature: Physical structure is the most important
factor of determining personality. A person’s physical features
have some influence on his personality because he will affect
influence on others and in turn will affect his self concept. For
e.g. the fact that person is short or tall, fat or skinny, handsome
or ugly will undoubtedly influence the persons effect on others
and in turn, will affect the self concept.
ii) Brain: It is the another factor which determine the personality
through role of brain in personality formation.
iii) Heredity: Heredity plays an more important role in
determining personality. Heredity predisposes to certain
physical, mental and emotional states. It is the transmission of
the from ancestor to descendent through genes.
e) Other Factors: Others factors are
(i) Temperament
(ii) Interest
(iii) Character
(iv) Schema
(v) Motives

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