Our Mission

Our mission is to expose and share our deepĀ  knowledge of field mixed with experience with knowledge seeker.
A man can
only attain knowledge
with the help of those
who possess it.
This must be understood
from the very beginning.
One must learn
from him who knows.

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

sharing microinformation & micronews(micro-blogging)

Our mission is to convert long concepts and daily news to short and concise form with pictures and Videos.
Students and knowledge seeker nowadays like to interact with colorful and short text that’s all we believe in.Nowadays consumers spend more time on youtube and pinterest which shows consumers like pictures and video.So we decided to stick with that only.
Our values & beliefs

Below are our values and beliefs

  • Ethics
  • Social responsibilty
  • Free knowledge
  • Management Awarness